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Go Barefoot While You Treat And Heal Your Plantar Fasciitis!

You wear shoes to work, shoes to the gym, shoes for a night on the town, but if the comforts of home mean giving your tired dogs a breather, plantar fasciitis orthotics can present a problem. Most supportive inserts require wearing shoes and that's unfortunate if you like going barefoot around the house or on the beach. Here's some good news: soft and flexible HTP Heel Seats Wraps are perfect for wearing with sandals or with no shoes at all. Let your feet run free and be heel-pain-free with this remarkable, customer favorite product!

HTP Heel Seats Wraps feature the same patented Fascia-Bar technology as athlete-endorsed HTP Heel Seats, applying therapeutic acupressure to pain hot spots caused by Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. Your foot will feel lightweight and comfortable sporting one of these Neoprene fabric wraps. Velcro fasteners keep the wrap in place and the non-slip bottom keeps you safe, even on slick indoor flooring or stairs.

HTP Heel Seats Wraps Make Sense For You If:
  • You've got severe Plantar Fasciitis and need to wear a support throughout the day
  • You want to double your treatment by wearing an orthotic support both with and without shoes
  • Firmer inserts make you uncomfortable when walking
  • You like spending part of each day barefoot and don't want your heel pain to interfere with your comfort
The fact is, some of us feel smothered if our feet are clad for too many hours at a time. With HTP Heel Seats Wraps, you can cook, do laundry, vacuum and stroll about your domain with bare, happy feet!

Patented All Natural Healing Method

The patented Fascia-Bar applies acupressure to the hot spots to relieve pain, then begins helping the plantar fascia ligament to heal itself. This is our proven and all natural approach to pain relief and healing.

You Can Recover From Plantar Fasciitis, With The Right Support!
HTP Heel Seats Wraps gently lift and realign the plantar fascia ligament back to its proper position while cushioning the fatty pad of your heel so that the impact of standing and walking doesn't cause pain. This support encourages the natural healing process of your body, providing both quick relief and the opportunity to recover from Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs. You don't have to take our word for it - read true accounts from our customers whose lives have been changed by our orthotics!

Clinically Proven with over a 90% Success Rate

The heel bone (calcaneus) becomes agitated and painful. The Fascia-Bar support increases the density of the fat pad under the heel to naturally soothe the pain away while letting your body begin to heal itself.

Recent Testimonials and Reviews:

Testimonial from Facebook Can't believe that something so simple could ease so much INTENSE pain. I am back to running big miles again, starting tomorrow.

Testimonial from Heel That Pain I'm a 36 year old man, with a wife and two kids. I own a contracting business that's allot of hard work. My feet have been hurting for around a year. Over the last few months the pain was getting really bad. I did some resurch and found I had Plantar Fasciitis. I ordered your product and was blown away! Ten minutes and the pain was gone. Finally a product that does what it says it does. Thank You very much.

Testimonial from Facebook New fan. Plantar fasciitis is already better!!

Testimonial from Heel That Pain I've had heel pain since I started training to be an Olympic contender in the Sydney Olympics. I lost my track and field event back then and gave up my dreams to compete. Of course I found your company AFTER I decided not to go to China this year. If I knew about your treatments a year ago I have no doubt, I would be there representing the USA. I have to admit even though I'm not in China I still feel like I won the gold medal because I have No More Pain!

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HTP Heel Seats Wraps are durably constructed and can be hand washed and air dried for longest use.

Don't be the only one wearing sneakers on the beach this summer, just because you've got Plantar Fasciitis. Get out your favorite sandals, or go totally barefoot, pain-free, with HTP Heel Seats Wraps!

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