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Plantar fasciitis corticosteroid injection

Corticosteroid injections are commonly used to help treat the short-term heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. A doctor looking to help minimize the pain from plantar fasciitis will inject this steroid directly into the plantar fascia, under the heel, or on the big side of the heel or arch. Many people find that this procedure is beneficial while others feel that it has unfortunate side effects.

Benefits Of Corticosteroid Injection

One of the main reasons corticosteroid injections are used is because they actually relieve heel pain caused from plantar fasciitis. In addition, this procedure is a non-surgical approach to helping those that suffer from plantar fasciitis. Some people see a noticeable decrease in their heel pain after a series of injections.

Cons Of Corticosteroid

However, if a few treatments of corticosteroids do not decrease the plantar fasciitis heel pain, than you might need to consider other options. In some cases this injection can reverse the heel pain. Unfortunately, it is typically a short-term remedy that only minimizes the problem for a few weeks. After a few weeks have passed since the injection, most individuals will begin to notice a return of the heel pain they experience because of their plantar fasciitis. At that point, it will be important for them to look for other, more permanent treatment options.

When To Get An Injection

Although these injections are not proven to be a long-term treatment method, they may be helpful at times. Plantar fasciitis is often a problem that will get worse due to situational problems. For example, certain physical activities can magnify the plantar fasciitis. Also, shoes can have an impact on the problem. At these times, at short-term treatment option like the corticosteroid injection is a quick fix that will lessen the pain.

Be Aware Of The Side Effects

Lastly, if you do get an injection, be aware of the possible side effects, because they are serious. It is extremely likely that you will suffer pain when you receive the injection. Also, there is a possibility that the fat pad over the heel could shrink. In addition, some people do experience a degeneration of the plantar fascia from receiving multiple injections; so, be careful.

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