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Plantar Fascia Ruptures & Plantar Fascia Tears

         Plantar fascia ruptures and plantar fascia tears are distinct traits of plantar fasciitis. These ruptures and tears occur in the plantar fascia ligament, which runs the length of the bottom of the foot. Typically, over use and strain on the ligament can be the cause of ruptures in the ligament, however the causes can vary.

         Ruptures in the plantar fascia ligament occur when great stress is placed on the foot. Having arch problems, wearing unsupportive shoes, obesity, sudden weight gain, running or exercising too much are all factors that can contribute stress and tension on the foot, leading to tears and ruptures in the plantar fascia.

         Symptoms associated with ruptures in the plantar fascia are swelling of the bottom of the foot and severe heel pain. Pain associated with these tears and ruptures are usually most noticeable in the morning, immediately after getting out of bed. Throughout the day the pain subsides and becomes a dull aching which can be improved with rest.

         Treating ruptures and tears of the plantar fascia can be done easily and painlessly. Conservative treatment is usually the most effective for this condition. Stretching exercises are helpful for a ruptured plantar fascia, but in addition an orthotic shoe insert is an effective way to not only reduce and eliminate pain, but also to heal the plantar fascia ruptures and tears.

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