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Heel Pain while Walking

A good majority of individuals experience heel pain from walking. Interestingly, many people assume that this pain is a result of the heel striking the ground they walk. However, this is a false assumption.

Pain Described

Most people that suffer from heel pain report that their heels may or may not hurt when they strike the ground. Typically the pain is described to move around. And one of the reasons the pain in the heels may not be as bad while walking is because the heel is not normally the first part of the foot to strike the ground. In fact, as patients begin to experience more heel pain, they begin walking more of the forefront of the foot in an effort to avoid the pain in their heels.

Tension In The Plantar Fascia

When a person begins walking on the forefront of their feet, they put more tension on the plantar fascia - the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot. In doing so, they actually pull more on their heel and cause more pain, making plantar fasciitis worse.

Recognizing The Cause

Too often individuals do not recognize that walking has caused their heel pain. Usually the increased heel pain is not immediate. In fact, it can take up to 36 hours to manifest itself. Therefore, the wrong cause can be blamed at times. Thus, your heel pain may not be a result of your new shoes or change of workout.

At Risk

If you begin to experience heel pain, you might want to evaluate whether or not you are at risk for the development of plantar fasciitis or other common foot problems. Daily walking can easily bring about these problems. Be careful if you are older, pregnant, overweight, stand throughout the day, or have arthritis.

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