Heel Pain while Driving

Over 50 percent of Americans will actually experience heel pain at some point in their lifetime. However, only 20 percent of people that suffer from heel pain visit the doctor. And, according to the majority of doctors, one-third of their patients suffer from heel pain. Given these statistics, it is clear that heel pain is a real problem. Although it may not be as life threatening as driving, it is something to look out for.

Heel Pain From Driving

One common indication that you suffer from heel pain and heel related injuries is heel pain that occurs right after you drive. In most instances, the second you step out of your car your heels will begin to hurt. This could be a sign that you have a problem.

Other Signs Your Heels Are Hurting

There are other indications besides heel pain from driving that might be a sign your heels are in pain. Most heel problems suffer relate to stiffness on the bottom of your heel. The pain is almost always worse in the morning when you take your first few steps for the day. Additionally, many runners will feel pain during the first few minutes of their run.

What Does Heel Pain Mean?

If you get out of the car after a long drive and experience heel pain, you cannot think to yourself, "so what". Heel pain is a problem that will increase if it is not treated properly. Most likely you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Also, there is a chance you could have heel spur syndrome. Regardless, fixing the problem should be your goal.


Treating heel pain that occurs from driving and other activities is important. Sometimes basic stretching, taping, and/or icing will do the trick. However, other times you might need the aid of products that are formulated to help your feet recover from the heel pain.

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