Eliminate Heel Pain by Fully Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Does Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs cause you to suffer in pain?

Don't allow these painful illnesses to progress any further. Our unique and patented Fascia-Bar™ technology is clinically proven effective with over a 90% success rate. It works for all forms of heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis & heel spurs. Pro NBA players like John Starks & Jason Kidd trust HTP for heel pain relief and it will work for you too, 100% Guaranteed. Select a treatment and Heel That Pain Today!

Results from the HTP Double Blind Clinical Trial

The results are in and 31 of 32 participants in the latest double blind clinical trial asked to keep the HTP treatments after the study concluded. How's that for a testimonial?

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Treat Heel Pain & Live Life Again

HTP treatments all incorporate our patented Fascia-Bar™ technology which is clinically proven to relieve heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs by treating the root causes. They are 100% Guaranteed to work for you or your money back. Are You Ready to Heel That Pain?

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What is Plantar Fasciitis and How do I Treat it?

Join All The Others Now Living Pain Free

Jason Kidd from the New Jersey Nets writes:

With everyday use all I can say is that they work for me. I appreciate the pain relief I get from these Heel Seats. Thank you HTP!

Michael writes:

"Normally it feels like a nail being hammered into my heel, but with the HTP heel seats I have noticed no pain at all after three days of wearing the inserts. There are a lot of products on the market that say they can heal the pain. HTP not only says they will heal the pain, they back it up with a product that works."

Diane writes:

"I made my order on a Thursday after 3:00 PM.. ..I received your heel seats that Saturday. I felt an IMMEDIATE difference! My heel was sore for a couple days, but nowhere near the agony I had been experiencing. I've now been wearing them for a week and am running around like a teen again (I'm 20+ years past being a teen)! I have tried other heel inserts, anti-inflamatories, ice, yada, yada, yada, to no avail. I have never written any company to thank them for their services before. Your product AND services are just awesome! Thank you!"

Marguerite writes:

"Dear Heel That Pain Inc... I have recently acquired a pair of your heel seats and am writing to say that these are fabulous. The relief I found immediately upon walking on them was astounding. They are an amazing contribution to foot comfort. Thank you!

Mrs. Nguyen writes:

I never endorse a product, but I have to now. Last year, I had my foot x-rayed to find 3 heel spurs in my left foot. Every step I took walking caused my pain. The doctor said to relieve this, I would probably need to have surgury. I searched the internet and found "Heel that Pain" and thought what have I got to loose with a 100% guarantee. I swear to you that in just "4 days" my pain had disappeared and I have worn them everyday since. I don't know if the heel spurs are gone, but I do know that these work and I have no more pain in my feet. I have recommended them to my husband and letter carrier co-workers. Do not hesitate to purchase this product.


My heel pain has disappeared! It took a few weeks but it is so nice to be heel pain free now. It's amazing what a difference your heel inserts have made. I'm very glad I took a chance and tried your product!

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